About Me

Hi, I'm Candice Boult and this is the part where you get to know me.

I'm originally from Newcastle, but currently live in Middleton St George with my husband and my two fur babies Hope and Olly.

I honestly believe that you can not have a home without a pet in it. I have had cats, dogs, birds, a rabbit, hamsters, and snakes, but these were all family pets. My first pet of my own was a ginger cat called Oscar, who just turned up at my house one day and never left.

Now I have a 7 year old Westiepoo called Hope, who still thinks she is a puppy, and a 2 year old cat called Olly who acts like a typical teenager. They are the reason I started taking photos of pets. When I lost Oscar I wished I had of had more photos of him so I started taking lots of photos of the two pets that we still had.


One day all you will have left of your pets will be your memories, that is why I believe photos are so important, they help keep the memories alive.